Personal Loans


Prime unsecured loan – £25,000 max and up to £35,000 we will refer it to the underwriter


Unlike the secured loan that uses your property as collateral, this type of loan is not secured on your home. Borrowing with an unsecured loan tends to be cheaper than using a credit card or overdraft facility and as long as you meet the payments, your debt will be paid off within a set time. 


  • Online acceptance in principle and payout within 2 days

  • Available to homeowners and tenants that rent
  • Loan amounts from £1000 to £25000

  • Term from 6 months to 5 years

  • Rates from 8.8% APR
Available to homeowners and tenants that rent
Self employed - income proven by bank statements 

  • You can apply anywhere in UK this includes Northern Ireland
A fixed arrangement fee and personalized risk fee are added to the value of the loan. (Minimum 5% Arrangement fee; personalised Risk fee is based on circumstances, 1%-6% of value) 
No early settlement charges



  • Applications - No CCJ's, Defaults or significant arrears
  • Credit score of 400 Minimum
  • Applications in single name only – no joint applications
  • Minimum age of 24
  • Maximum age is 72 from the start of the loan  term
  • Minimum income/salary of £14,500
  • Must not be unemployed, (would consider retired – age & income apply)
  • Applications must be a resident in the UK, with the exception of the Isle of Man and the Channel (Islands (Jersey, Guernsey and Sark)
  • Credit files including a loan, mortgage or credit card must have at least 3, if lived in the address 1 year. Less than 1 year in your address, you must have at least 3 credit files including a loan, mortgage or credit card on previous address

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Small unsecured loans – ideal if declined on high street 



  • Age: 18 to 75 years
  • Will consider historic adverse credit 
Home owner or tenant
£500 - £10,000
Much cheaper option that Pay Day Loans or similar
Rates are subject to score - 66% of applicants get rates below 74.8%
No redemption fees
  • Minimum Gross income: £10,000 per annum (Single or Joint)
  • No CCJ’s in the last two years
  • No Commission only sales agents
  • No Self Employed
  • No Bankrupts
  • No Customers currently under Debt Management Arrangement
  • Mandatory Direct Debit
  • Must be able to prove 3 years address history via VR or documentation proving address
  • Must be able to prove 3 years employment history
  • NOTE – each application is credit scored. Applicants with high arrears are likely to be declined


Additional information:

Income from public benefit programmes:

This income must be verified by sight of the appropriate benefit book, Letter from the benefits agency (current year) or Bank statements (2 payments dated within 90 days)

  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Severe Disablement Benefit
  • Disability Working Allowance
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • Family allowance( verification not required)
  • Family tax credit/working tax credit
  • Income from fostering can be used. This must be confirmed using the letter from the local council and the only the guaranteed portion should be used as net income – This income is not taxable
  • Tax Credits may also be included where it forms part of the applicant’s net pay. The current amount received must be confirmed via credit into bank statement (2 consecutive payments within 90 days) or on the applicants payslip (within 60 days) or the letter from the benefits agency (current year). Tax Credits paid to a non-signing spouse or partner may not be included under any circumstances
  • Benefit income should normally be used to support other employed or self-employed income. Where the only income available is from benefits the loan will be limited to £1500.




  • Housing Benefit
  • Child Support Payments
  • Income support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Child Support Payments
  • Pension Credits

Guarantor Loans 

  • Much cheaper than payday loans

  • Guarantor must be a homeowner
Guarantor can have historic CCJ’s, defaults or historic arrears

If you obtain a secured or unsecured loan in your own name due to bad credit history, then a guarantor loan may be one of the next best options. Rates are significantly less than a payday loan and larger amounts will be considered. However, a third party homeowner must stand as guarantor for the loan. Moreover their credit profile history can still, not be perfect see below.


Personal Details


Contact Details

Other Details

Loan Details

Rental and Mortage details

Employment Details

Unsecured Credit

Bank account information for transfer of funds

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British house prices pushed ahead of the Eurozone’s

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Green homeowners Deal

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October top £50m for the first time in a number of years

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